winter sleep song parts 1, 2 & 3

by eric schopmeyer

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If this music is successful, no one will ever hear it in it's entirety...

One hour of sonic codeine designed to put the listener to sleep. Recorded in the depths of winter, only late at night by candle-light (which are its ideas listening conditions).

I enjoy falling asleep to music but it is often difficult to find music that suits that purpose. Some music starts off mellow and then builds up, or features some sort of hard contrasts that wake you up. Even the silence between songs can wake you. Some music is too mellow, too much space to let other household noise through. Some music is irritatingly repetitive, while other music can be distractingly irregular. This piece attempts to avoid all of these wakeful pitfalls, engaging the mind just enough to pull it away from other thoughts, sending it slowly and softly away from mental terra firma. Ambiguous tonalities inhabit dense, dreamy textures, pulling against each other and slowly dissolving.

It is my hope that you will not hear much of this album...


released January 6, 2017

Recorded December 2016

Marimba, vibraphone, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, hammer dulcimer, bass, percussion, bowed glockenspiel, bowed vibraphone, keyboard.

Samples taken from NASA's Space Sounds series (recordings made by the Voyager space probes as they passed by various planets and moons on their way out of our solar system. Jupiter and The Rings of Uranus are heard here). Also sampled is "Neptune," from Gustav Holst's 1914 orchestral suite, "The Planets"



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